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With benefits such as improved coordination, stronger mental fortitude, increased strength and flexibility, and better socialization skills, gymnastics is a clear benefit for any child. Best of all, gymnastics at AGSA is on a 4 week-to-4 week basis, and there is no contract or commitment. Enroll your child in a free trial class today!

About Us

Since it’s establishment in 2010, AGSA has continually grown and evolved into the highly successful, competitive acrobatic gymnastics facility it is today. With a 100% USAG Safety Certified and NCSI Background Checked staff, AGSA offers a premium gymnastics education for your child. AGSA is also home to the largest Junior Olympic Acrobatic Gymnastics Team in the country! It’s not just for show either. Our dedicated athletes have represented AGSA, Team USA, and Team Mexico all across the world. AGSA has trained numerous World Age Group Competition medal holders.

Why Gymnastics?

Pre-School classes at AGSA have a maximum student to teacher ratio of 6:1, and all classes 5 years and over have a maximum student to teacher ratio of 8:1. There is no denying that this smaller group environment allows children to more easily adapt to group dynamics, and participate in activities with other peers. Let us help make your introvert into a champion!

The most successful individuals in life are those with true grit. They are the ones with the can do attitudes, and the stick-to-it-ive-ness to achieve their goals and dreams in life. Gymnastics is a sport that requires constant training to achieve each skill; from the forward roll, to a layout. No matter what your child hopes to achieve, it will take hard work, and dedication. Dedication that pays off when they finally scream out, “Mom, guess what I can do!”. Help your child to understand how hard work can pay off by enrolling them into Gymnastics.

One of the most obvious benefits to gymnastics is the improvement to your child’s over all well being. Gymnastics is a highly physical sport encouraging endurance, coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility. The wide range of motions, and muscle development achieved through gymnastics, is what makes it a perfect companion to other sports, whether it’s soccer, swimming, or dance. Give your child the gift of health through gymnastics.

What We Offer


Our recreational gymnastic classes are non-competitive classes where children as young as age 3 can learn skills based on the 4 Olympic events; Beam, Bars, Floor, and Vault. Skills such as releve walks, arabesque, and split jumps are taught on beam. Bar skills include pullover, cast and back hip circles. Finally, floor and vault skills include forward rolls, dive rolls, and handstand flatbacks.


The tumbling program at AGSA is a noncompetitive program where students learn to tumble in a safe and structured environment. Unlike gymnastics where students utilize various apparatus, in tumbling, students learn skills on a soft floor or trampoline only. Skills include cartwheels, roundoffs, handstands, along with back handsprings, tucks, and more advanced tumbling skills at higher levels.


Acrobatic gymnastics combines the beauty of dance with the strength and agility of partner acrobatics. Multiple routines are choreographed to music and consist of dance, tumbling, and partner skills. Partner holds characterize the acrobatic balance routine, while synchronized tumbling and intricate flight elements define the dynamic exercise. Two hour tumbling and partner acrobatic classes are offered at the non-competitive level.

Random Questions

Because class advancement is based on the individual skill level of each student, new members can join at any time without fear that the other students will be too advanced.

AGSA offers one, 100% free, no obligation trial class to new members. This class can be scheduled through the online enrollment portal located HERE.

Because AGSA offers various classes of different lengths, class costs are specific to certain classes. We recommend you check the online portal located here for the most accurate classes and prices. As a point of reference however, most 55-minute classes are $75 per four weeks, most 85-minute classes are $103 per four weeks, and most 115 minute classes are $135 per four weeks.

Individual students enrolling into classes are required to pay a $40 annual registration fee. Families with multiple students enrolling in classes must pay a $60 annual registration fee to cover all students. This fee must be paid one year after the date it was last paid thereafter.

If your young gymnast already owns a leotard, they are more than welcome to wear this to the facility. It is not required to wear a leotard however, and shorts and a t-shirt, or workout pants and a t-shirt are appropriate for class. Students will be barefoot during class, and hair should be tied back, with all jewelry removed.

Although we are unable to pro-rate tuition for missed classes (due to the payment being for reserving a spot in class, rather than for the actual class), AGSA does offer make-up classes. This means your student is able to come to class at a different day and time in place of their usual class. Make-up classes must be scheduled through the parent portal online, or through the facility office.

Currently, students as young as age 3 are able to enroll into class. These classes are called “Cubs” class in the online portal. Unfortunately, we do not offer any classes for students younger than age three at the moment.

Competitive acrobatics can begin as young as age 5. If you are currently interested in competing your young athlete, open tryouts are held each summer. During this time, students will be evaluated for skill level, and potential partnerships. Families interested in competitive acrobatics should keep an eye on the “Latest News” section for further information during the summer.

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