• Latest Competition Results

    With our latest competitions at Regional Championships, and internationally at Canada and Switzerland, we’d like to recognize the following athletes for their outstanding performances.

    Regional Championships

    L7WP 14+ Alexis and Giselle
    L8WG 13- Emily, Taylor, and Quincie
    L8WG 14+ Jordan, Brianna, and Gabby
    L9WP Hannah and Makayla
    L10WP Kiersten and Jessie
    11-16WP Isabel and Ximena
    Blocks – novice – Evelyn Plummer
    Blocks – intermediate – Madelyn Jenson
    Blocks – advanced -Maggie Miller


    11-16WP Camila and Makena – Bronze
    11-16WG Satia, Caitlyn, and Schyler – Silver
    12-18WP Reagan and Alex – Gold
    12-18MXP Jordan and Tim – Silver
    12-18WG Sarah, Lexi, and Liz – Silver
    13-19WP Emily and Aubrey – Silver


    11-16WP Angelina and Kyra – Gold
    11-16WP Abby and Ryenn – 5th