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    AGSA operates on a month to month basis. This means you can enroll your child into class at any time! If you enrolled in the middle of the month, you would be pro-rated for the remainder of the month. After that you will continue to be charged each month until notification is given that you will no longer continue class with us. We understand that life happens, so you may drop out of our program at any time, and re-enroll at your convenience.

    100% Safety Certified Instructors

    Professional membership in USA Gymnastics should be the gold standard; an indicator that the person or organization has committed the time, interest and hard work into being the best they can be. Professional members must be safety certified and go through a background check with USA Gymnastics. This membership should be a distinction that parents look for and depend upon to know that they are placing their children into well-trained and professional hands. It may comfort you to know that every instructor employed by AGSA must undergo this certification.